San Francisco – Civic Center, Dolores Park, and the Castro on Pride Weekend 2015

Pride in San Francisco is crazy. Last Weekends in June.

The whole city runs ablaze with flaming drag queens and rainbow flags flapping everywhere.

I hung out in three different neighborhoods but they were all within biking distance of each other. Its about 10 minutes from Civic Center to Dolores Park (in the Mission) and another 10 from Dolores to the Castro.

Civic Center had sound stages and vendor booths splashed across 9 city blocks. And so many people. Couples of all types in all kinds of get ups from leather to tie-dye bustled around the festival enjoying the sensation of bass on bass on bass blasting the pink off their neon feather boas. It wasn’t too crowded to roll my bike around with me and I heard there was also bike valet provided (courtesy of SF Bike Coaliton).

Dolores Park was just as crazy and the views off that hill of both the festival goers and the skyline was amazing. You can see people all picnicking along the hill’s curve all the way to the top where there is a small entrance into the neighborhood.

The Castro closed off its main streets and party people milled around between the clubs and the outdoor sound stages. Not really a family friendly event, but the festival guests sure were friendly.

I made a bunch of new friends and hung around good vibes. Definitely a San Francisco highlight.

Bonus: a Sikh group was serving free food – beans, rice, a tortilla, and sweet grains. Don’t gotta go hungry in SF, just gotta find someone spreading good karma.


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