The Pacific Northwest – Seattle and Fremont (Part 3)

If there was ever a major metropolitan city to mirror San Francisco, it would be Sleepless Seattle.

There’s the Pike Place Market swarming with tourists and connoisseurs alike wandering stands pitched by the vendors that morning. Civic Center is just as terrifying and raunchy as SF’s Tenderloin. And there is plenty of weirdness to be found in this coastal city from Chihuly’s glass sculptures sparkling all around the city to the annual thousand-strong Naked Bike Ride.

This city is way more expensive than Portland, but it’s also because there is so much more to do here. Nightlife is cracking and there’s all kinds of sights and activities that you could expect a major city to offer from glassblowing workshops to visiting the high tech Experience Music Project Museum.

Seattle’s hip boutiquey neighborhood sits north of the Fremont bridge and is full of art walks, coffeehouses, and uniquely themed bars. The whole residential area reminded me of Berkeley. At $30/night I got a bunk at Hotel Hotel Hostel in the heart of Fremont and spent my first night there wandering the gastropubs within walking distance with a fellow traveler.

At the end of that first night, my hostel mate and new friend showed me a hill from which you could see the Space Needle and downtown metropolitan area cloaked in the warm salty coastal air and surrounded by the nightblack Pacific Ocean.

I didn’t get a chance to make it outside of the urban areas since there was so much concrete jungle to explore, but definitely next time I’m in town I wanna check out Olympic National Park.


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