South Yuba River – Tahoe National Forest, California

Disneyland’s California Adventure has nothin on the real thing. This state is so beautiful.

I’m spending the weekend with my buddy, whose family just moved to Nevada City in the heart of Tahoe National Forest. Nestled amongst pine trees and under the beating sun, my buddy and I spent a legit Norcal summer at a local swimming hole off Highway 49.

Only 10 minutes from Nevada City, the South Yuba River offers hot and smelly forest dwellers the chance to cool off in the refreshing waves of snowmelt flowing down from the mountains .There’s parking along Highway 49 where it bridges the river, and under the bridge lies an expanse of water populated with giant stones and mini waterfalls you can climb and explore and even occasionally slide down (it’s a gentle current). There are underwater passes between the stones you can dive under and the stones can get up to 50 ft high for a good cliff jump into the river. My buddy and I easily spent 2.5 hours there exploring, swimming, and playing secret underwater tunnels tag with his lil brother.

I’m definitely going back there tomorrow. Maybe I can also get in a half-day hike.


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