San Gregorio Beach – Half Moon Bay, CA

The edge of the world ends abruptly.

And on that edge is an unstable sandy cliff held together only with clay and stone, threatening to dislodge and dissolve with each sandal covered step.

St. Greg’s Beach is in Half Moon Bay, CA, located off Route 1 at the intersection of Hwy 84 and “Manifest Destiny.” The beach is divided into two sections, the beaches and the cliffs, which are separated by a lagoon home to all kinds of (friendly?) microorganisms and algae.

Finding a few spots of respite after climbing up the cliffs on the Northern side of the beach, you really get a sense that this must be one of California’s holy sites. I was literally gazing out at the ocean standing at the unequivocal END OF NORTH AMERICA. And there were moments when not a soul but me  could be seen out on that beach.

Exploring the cliffs and then down the southside to the ocean, I found plenty of caves and small hideouts and was even able to take a nap under a giant hidden shrub, shielded away from the sun and the nearby eagles calling. Where the fisherman caught their crabs and wild flounders, several beachy huts had been set up, looking as permanent as the crumbling cliff line on the beach – not ready to fall yet, but not giving any assurances it won’t do so soon either.


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