The “Misty Mountains” of Mt. Tamalpais and Point Reyes, CA

So I might have just come on an interesting day. But have you ever wandered to the edge of the world – or at least the West Coast – in search of an ocean of water only to find a sea of fog?

Staring across a white fluffy horizon was something I had only previously experienced thousands of miles up in the sky from the comfort of a commercial jetliner. But now I was sitting on the peak of a mountain in Mt. Tamalpais State Park seeing a shining sea of mist spread out over where I knew San Francisco sat in a crescent shaped bay. From that sun-baked peak I could see the radio tower and ferries running from Tiburon to the Embarcadero Ferry Building hidden under the cascading waterfalls of ocean fog, spilling from the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula into the surrounding bay water.

It’s Fog City alright.

Mt. Tam sits just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Following Highway 1 north an hour from there will get you to Point Reyes – one of the most beautiful sites in all of North America. AND IT’S IN CALIFORNIA.

I love Cali.

I made it to the famous Point Reyes lighthouse, but to be expected, in the middle of a Bay Area July, it was so cold I couldn’t feel my face. Compared to the peak of Mt. Tam earlier that day where the arid sun-soaked heat claimed my shirt and all the water in my veins, the cliffs at Point Reyes were so covered in fog furiously rushing over the crags that I could’ve sworn I saw some of the dwarves from The Hobbit trying to make their way across this fantasy landscape.

Though I didn’t see much of the Pacific wandering across the sandy cliffs guarding the edge of the continent, I fought a lot of fog. Aint nothing more Bay Area than that I’d think.

Chilling in the torrents of mist blasting against the coast were families of deer. Just casually grazing the unique mossy fern plants that survive harsh and salty wind conditions by clinging to stones made of crumbling sediment. How can anything survive in such a foggy, cold environment? Life is amazing.

P.S. Shout out to my new friends at the Tech Museum (San Jose, CA) – Daniela and Nitraj! They’re awesome and I’m stoked for all the awesome things they’re gonna do at SJSU!


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