Bell Rock – Sedona, AZ

According to legend, Sedona is covered with areas of great spiritual energy, called a “vortex,” marked by these towering red rock formations that scientists posit were underwater eons ago.

I had a chance to conduct my own research regarding these “vortexes” while walking around Sedona and have concluded thus: Results inconclusive. More studies are needed.

Some posit that the red rock formations, made up of layers of basalt and iron oxide, create some sort of electromagnetic field that sensitive humans can perceive and attribute to increased sensations of spirituality. Hippies and mystics regularly meet on the rocks for yoga and Chakra cleansing in the gorgeous, lonely, and cool mornings. Explorers like me can challenge ourselves to get to the highest point on these rocks and marvel at how far the naked eye can see on a clear day. There were innumerable explanations for the amplified energy travelers felt here, and a plethora of meditative methods spiritual seekers used to tap into the Vortex. But which explanations and experiences are true? And which are cactus fodder?

With all these theories baking in my head, I went out to vertically conquer these rocks by hiking boot. And what did I learn?

Try sitting on the top of Bell Rock with me and tell me you don’t feel the Vortex energy. Or do.


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