Breathe Winter In – Paro Intl. Airport, Bhutan

This fresh mountain air of Bhutan smells like my future. Although this is my first trip to this part of the world, the quick peek at Mt. Everest from my airplane seat on the flight here has solidified my resolve to make sure I climb that peak before I die. However, my first trip to Bhutan right now is more about experiencing the local culture and what’s been called the last Buddhist kingdom on earth.

But just a few intakes of mountain air and I’m convinced I’m gonna have to come back to this part of the world, and definitely the Himalayan Mountains and Nepal for sure.

Bhutan has reserved 60% of its land to be kept in its natural mountainous state (East Bhutan especially) and no buildings are allowed to be greater than six stories tall. So far, I’ve had a blast seeing the five colored Buddhist flags waving in the air, gazing out at the blue-purple outlines of a sea of mountain ranges, and taking deep breaths of the high altitude winter air.

Can’t wait to see what kind of people this environment rears.


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