Bang it Again in Bangkok, Thailand – Sukhumvit District

Bangkok’s been an interesting one. Like a ton of other big cities, it’s got the same neighborhoods and realms of the commercial  human psyche, but just with that spicy Southeast Asian flavor. The heat, while temprature-wise intense, is relatively dry compared to Yangon and Singapore.

Like all other major cities I’ve visited, it’s got its share of homeless panhandlers, colorful markets, red light districts, party people, Chinatown, and religious monuments. It’s fun, and if I lived closer, I’d probably party in Bangkok all the time. There’s a language bartier, but most tourist areas speak either English or Mandarin, and there’s never a language barrier when it comes to cash accounting. There’s cultural structures next to historically placed riverside centers, and young people on every corner.

The shopping (like Jatujak Weekend Market) is lively and haggling becomes a sport. Tuk tuks clambor with all kinds of tourists everywhere you find anything cukturally significant. The Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha link the present to the past. And the river ferries along Chao Ptaya Riber remind city dwellers of the commercial history that gave rise to the geography of the city. Though there’s plenty of scams and I’d been almost victim to a few myself, I’d bang it out in Bangkok again. It’s only a matter of when.



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