Wunderlich Park – A Petite Redwood Wonderland

Often passed over for her more developed sister Humboldt Park, this small redwood forest grows along one of the gentle hills to the west of Menlo Park. The trails gently incline and the trails are thin. Many of the trees average about 3 stories tall, and they include a selection of Californian oaks, evergreens, laurels, and redwoods.

Right now we are in the season right before the winter frost, where alternating days are scorching hot and foggy cold. Redwoods thrive in foggy environments because they are able to absorb water from the air, making them ideal coast trees.

This casual trail can be traversed in sneakers, but I’d recommend hiking boots due to the dust. There are horse riders as well. Parking is free since there are no facilities except for a no-flush out house. 

The Alambique to Bear Gultch trail is an easy 4.6 mile hike uphill to about 1450 elevation that looks over the peninsula to the Bay. There are several beautiful groves with a bench you can rest at and wonder at the Jays soaring through the trees. Some flies buzz about, bring bug spray! And watch out for horse dung on the trail.

Great hidden park 30minutes away from the heart of the Peninsula.


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